Hi, I'm Gregory Charles...

I come from a long line of gifted readers, with connections to “Gypsy” ancestral links from England and Europe.
As young as five years of age I was aware that I had a knowing of a presence of energy, that enabled me to see and feel things that the rational mind could not comprehend and at this very young age would not even attempt to put a label on it.
As I grew older this “gift” as I now call it, was becoming more prevalent in my everyday life.

At around 19 years of age, I had my first reading with a gifted Psychic who introduced me to the Tarot. I was instantly drawn to this practice of divination and felt a connection not felt before. I was told I had a purpose to help many people during this life time and that I would help people from all over the world, doing this work.

A lot to digest and make sense of but it was not until I moved to the United Kingdom in 1988, that this magical journey really opened up, I was meeting more and more people on this journey, mentors, teachers and like-minded. I became more spiritually and psychically aware and my Mediumship gift was also opening up.

The Lighthouse (Meaning) I have used the Lighthouse on my website for a reason, as this powerful symbol is recognised all around the world for millennia. It represents a reliable solid structure with its beacon of light, shining a way forward for those enduring confusion, uncertainty and the unknown. I just like Lighthouse, offer a reliable service of guidance and reassurance to anyone experiencing change and uncertainty, or those needing to make an important decision.

Life’s journey at times presents us with challenges and I am honored to provide guidance, clarity and insights to all those seeking positive change.


It was also during this time I discovered the ancient art of Numerology and the secret of numbers. Then in 1991 I started doing readings and after 15 years in the UK and 10 years in Australia I have been practicing my gift professionally for over 25 years.

I now work with clients from all over the world, which brings me great joy as I feel I make a meaningful difference in people’s Live’s. My purpose or mission is to always bring clarity, authenticity and integrity to my readings. My goal is that all my clients leave my readings feeling empowered and with a renewed purpose.

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