In all of my readings I invest a lot of energy using a toolbox of elements both tangible and esoteric. I have a powerful gift of connection to my spirit guides through my Clairvoyance and Mediumship, which brings depth and accuracy to my readings, providing valuable information delivered through me for the client.

I also use the Tarot or Lenormand cards in all of my readings and add the Pendulum techniques when confirmation of the message may be needed. My aim is to bring truth, clarity and compassion to the experience and ensure my client is empowered with knowledge and actions that allows them to move forward in any situation with clarity and confidence.

I am the “Messenger” where Trust, Integrity , Confidentiality and Compassion are guaranteed.



Bookings for face to face Psychic/Tarot readings are available in Melbourne Victoria and surrounding areas.

A face-to-face reading is preferred by some clients, who like to experience all the senses this reading provides. Using Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot Cards and Numerology. 


Distance Psychic/Tarot readings via Skype, Zoom or Facebook Video. 

These readings offer the same accuracy and energy as a face to face reading, but done remotely for your convenience. Using Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot and Numerology. 



Distance Psychic/Tarot readings available for all Mobile and Landline services. 

This reading offers the same accuracy and energy as a face to face reading, but done remotely for your convenience. Ideal for those that lead a hectic life. 


Reading Types


The Light House Power Reading             

This is a revealing reading usually 90 minutes duration, using 3 Tarot decks, comprehensive Numerology using your birthdate numbers.

With this reading I go really deep to discover unknown gifts and talents. I guide you through your options and  shine a light on your potential opportunities so you have  a greater understanding as to what your Life Purpose can look like. I leave no stone unturned to bring you clarity and choices, so you feel empowered to move forward with confidence.

Use of the Pendulum is essential in this reading.


Unwrap the Journey of the Heart               

Using the Tarot Cross of Truth spread, the Celtic Cross spread and 2 Tarot decks.

Numerology based on the client’s birthday.

A great reading for anyone wishing to know the direction of their relationship, based on current circumstances.

Excellent for single people wishing to get clarity about a future potential relationship or a past relationship


You can choose a 60 minute or 90 minute session for this reading

Using the Celtic Cross  and 9 card spread, with 2 Tarot Decks.

Numerology based on the client’s birthday, the clues are in your birth numbers.

This is a comprehensive reading for anyone seeking insights, clarity and awareness, for existing and potential Career or Business opportunities. Yes or No answers can be included using the Crystal Pendulum.


Longer distance travel to the client (Prior Arrangement Agreed)

Home visits assured (For local clients)

Prices vary, depending on size of group and location.

Deposit essential.

Reading is great for Hen’s nights, Birthday parties, Baby Showers or just a fun get together with friends.

I use multiple Tarot and Oracle card decks.

Please contact me through the website for further information.


A 30-minute Tarot reading, using “The Cross of Truth” spread and you choose which deck you would like me to use.

Included is a Numerology Personal Year forecast.

Immediate insights using the “Flash light technique, delivering clarity and empowering answers for release and reassurance.


A 60-minute Tarot reading using “The Universal Tarot” spread, using 2 Tarot decks.

A detailed Numerology overview, using your full birthday numbers.

This is an in depth reading where I uncover many layers to highlight hidden obstacle and opportunities where you may be at a crossroads in your life.

Essential for discovering tangible resources to move forward with the specific situation being discussed.