My trading hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm local time.

I accept all credit/debit cards, bank transfers and cash.

You will be notified with a confirmation of your booking details to your preferred messaging service.

A lot of my clients live both interstate and overseas, so I offer Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video and phone readings, whichever is most convenient for you. Prior arrangement for times and details etc are required. They are just as accurate as the face-to-face readings.

I believe as an authentic, considerate and compassionate reader, it is important that I pass on to you exactly what I receive, throughout the reading.

I understand that life happens, so of course you can cancel, I do require 48 hours’ notice so your time slot can be freed up for other clients. If you have to cancel on the day then I would have to deduct a $20 booking fee.

I recommend at least 3 months between readings, as this will give sufficient time for things to start playing out.