Individual Numbers Grid

This is a fun way of finding out what type of personality you are when you experience everyday life.

Also it is a great insight to see if you are missing any numbers in a individual square or if indeed you might have multiple numbers repeating in a single square eg: in square one, where you would put the number one and you happen to have say 3 x ones, then this is a part of your personality that is intensified by the energy of that number.

When you look at the Numerology Grid, made up of nine squares with each square representing a number between one and nine.

Then you will see 3 rows running horizontal.

The top row is called the Mental pane, the middle row is called the Soul or Emotional pane and the bottom row is called the Physical or Practical pane.

When you put your individual birthday numbers in the grid, you start with number 1 which goes in to the first bottom left square, the square above it is where you put the number 2 and then 3 goes in the top left square. You continue on with the 3 bottom middle square and continue through until you get to number 9, which goes in to the top right square.

By entering each number in to the corresponding square, until you have used all of the numbers in your birthdate, you will most likely have a square with no number recorded or you may have a number that has more than one entry. To find out what this means please click on the Numerology Grid link below.

I have also created a link that explains some number references and meanings to help you understand the power of your birthdate.

Using your date of birth eg: 5th of April 1963 or 05 04 1963

If you were to put the above example in to the grid, then you would see that this person has numbers across the Mental pane, one in the Soul pane and two in the Practical pane. This indicates this person is a big thinker and then actions things in to reality. However there is also a 2, 8 and 7 missing in the square, whereby this is a clue to where challenges and lessons may need to be learned to bring true harmony in to their life. 2 & 8 suggests their relationship with money or material possessions. The 7 indicates that this person seeks balance in both the spiritual and material worlds.

I will be explaining more about the interpretation of number combinations in an upcoming post. In the meantime if you have any questions or wish to know more about this fascinating insight in to your birthdate, then please contact me through the website.

Enjoy your numbers

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