What is above so it is below!

 In this article, I will be commencing on a journey with you about how significant a role the planets in our solar system, have in our daily and yearly lives. 

I have been studying various aspects of Astrology for about 3 decades and I am forever learning more about their presence every year. 

I have to say my empowering knowledge comes from amazing astrologers from around the world, those who have dedicated their lifetime to this wonderous art. 

I must pay special attention to the late Ed Tamplin who was based in Sydney, Australia, who was an incredible font of knowledge on this subject. 

It is this understanding I have of astrology and its mechanics, that I have realised on my own journey how the planets and our solar system have much in common with the references to Numerology and the Tarot over the centuries. 

In the esoteric world for which I am a constant reveler, I pride myself on the deeper levels of understanding I have, by using these three modalities together, to offer a very accurate and considered reading for my clients. 

My motto is, “Knowledge is power, but sharing it is even more powerful”. 

As this is my first article on astrology, I will share with you a snapshot of general information, that will set the scene for the coming weeks and months as we journey together uncovering empowering information, that may benefit you in one way or another in your daily lives. 

A common phrase we hear from time to time is “There must be something going on in the heavens?” or even the word heavens by itself, nearly suggest a greater power out of our control. 

Well, to an extent that is very true! What happens above, certainly impacts us mere mortals down below here on mother earth. 

Without going in to the practicalities of the solar system, (that is an astronomer’s job) it is more the energy of the moving planets at any one moment in time that has an impact on us here on earth. 

We have been conditioned to believe that everything including the planets are all separate entities from each other, now scientists believe more than ever that everything is connected and nothing is separate! 

In human terms after we are born, we all become familiar over time with what our “Zodiac sign” or “Sun sign” is. 

For example, I am an Aries, but more about these in a coming post! 

For those who have searched even further, you have discovered what is commonly known as our “Birth chart” or “Natal Chart”. 

This a personal chart to the individual, based on the time, geographical location and for even more accuracy, the longitude and latitude of the exact place of birth. 

I do reference to a client’s natal chart in some more in-depth readings, like a Career reading! 

As you will discover in a bit more depth in coming posts, the birth chart pinpoints where these heavenly planets were placed at the time of birth and in addition to this, the placement in the natal chart of planets positioned in one of the 12 houses we all have in our charts or commonly known in astrology as “The Placidus System”! 

The planets represent the energy or impact in a specific part of the chart or house, whether positive or if it may represent a challenge. 

In a broader context, each planet symbolises certain themes or traits to the individual and is only part of the bigger story going on for that individual. 

In an even bigger overview, we can determine what impact certain planets may have on our own planet over a certain time period. 

In a more general sense, each planet has been given a certain profile from philosophers and those studying the heavens from way back in time, “Nostradamus” being one of them. 

As we will discover in more depth about each planet’s characteristics and influences in the coming weeks, I will give you a brief overview to set things up! 

The most common reference to the planets for us humans are those by the name of Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Moon. Then there is the Sun, but technically it is not a planet but a star. 

These entities have the biggest impact on our daily lives as their energy or movement are a lot closer to planet earth. We have all heard of “Mercury retrograde” Eeeek! 

Then as we learnt in school, there is also Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. These four planets are furthest a way from earth and move a lot slower, so their orbital journey has a slower impact “On Things” here on earth. 

As you can see this is a long journey with a lot to share with you, but it will be fun and informative and it will be an honor to travel with you! 

Until next time Enjoy! 

Gregory Charles. 

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